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Royal Style – Elia of Albania, sumptuous ...
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Royal Style – Elia of Albania, sumptuous bride in Tirana

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Just eight days ago, Prince Leka II of Albania married his fiancee Elia Zaharia. The Royal Blog of Paris Match returns this Saturday on the splendid wedding dress of the new princess.

Sumptuous! The word is not too strong to describe the wedding dress that wore Saturday 8 October 2016 in Tirana Elia Zaharia. This Albanian actress, who studied at the Conservatoire with regional influence of Bordeaux and Florent course in Paris, had not donned this garment for a role. That day, she united her destiny before God with Prince Leka II, the only descendant of Zog I, the last king of Albania.

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To say yes to her fiancé since 2010, the 33-year-old had chosen to trust Blerina Kllokoqi Rugova, a 31-year-old Kosovo Albanian stylist. This one created for the future princess a superb dress of silk of ivory color, enriched of embroidered flowers where mixes pearls and rhinestones. Present on all her bodice, these embroideries were also invited on her transparent sleeves, descended along her skirt and emphasized the bottom of her dress endowed with a very long train.

Elia wore the goat-head diadem of Queen Geraldine

The bride, who was holding a bouquet of white flowers, had secured her veil with the sapphires and diamonds diadem that belonged to Queen Geraldine, the wife of King Zog I and grandmother of Prince Leka II, who died in 2002. Very Original, it is decorated with floral and vegetable motifs, but also a helmet surmounted by a head of goat. It evokes that of Albanian hero of the fifteenth century Skanderbeg whom Leke's grandfather, Ahmet Zogu, had chosen as his emblem in 1928 when he founded his kingdom by self-proclaiming himself a king of the Albanians. Look…
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